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Custom carpentry gives you the freedom to personalize different fixtures of your home according to your taste or personality. 

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Hartford, ct

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New Haven, CT

If you ever visited the coastal city of New Haven in Connecticut, you might have also passed by the popular Ivy League Yale University; a prized university of the state. This city is famous for its wonderful festivals and shops, major concert events, and museums, as well as highly-rated restaurants along the downtown area.

Guiliford, CT

Sitting in the County of New Haven, Guilford has been acknowledged as one of the most ideal places to live in the state of Connecticut. It is one of the cities where retirees flock to settle down because of its peaceful atmosphere and is famous for its farmlands and various historic sites and homes.

Madison, CT

The City of Madison is known for its public beaches where tourists flock to unwind during its hot, dry summers. Residents also get to enjoy Madison’s fishing pier, relaxing picnic areas, and other recreational activities popular, especially during summertime. This city also has a huge role in many industries such as agriculture, milling, and charcoal production.

Woodbridge, CT

Adventure seekers love to visit the wonderful city of Woodbridge for its famous hiking trails. The City of Woodbridge houses a humble population of 8,990. Before becoming Woodbridge City it was first called “Amity” and originally belonged to Milford and New Haven. Today, driving down the city gives you a taste of the city’s stunning views and a peak at its historic years.

Bethany, CT

Bethany City has a very family-friendly community and a safe neighborhood. This city is endowed with reservoirs that serve New Haven and Naugatuck and has a city population of 5,563 as of its 2010 census. However, Bethany does not promise low commute times and also does not have an exciting nightlife.

Waterbury, CT

Waterbury, Connecticut, got its name from its abundance in waterways. With a total city population of 110,366, this city easily became one of the most populated and largest cities that belonged in the New York Metropolitan Area. It was once the leading manufacturer of brassware in the country; earning it the nickname ‘Brass City’.

Hamden, CT

Living in Hamden is associated with higher housing costs. Compared to other neighboring towns, Hamden is also known for being safer, which makes it a great place to settle, especially if you have a family. As of 2010, the city’s population reached 60,960. The city of Hamden also earned a nickname, the “Land of the Sleeping Giant.”

Meriden, CT

Based on its 2010 census, Meriden has an estimated city population of 60,868. The City of Meriden is an affordable place to settle in with work opportunities to help city residents earn a living. Its suburban towns will give you the peace and warmth that you need while also connecting you to some of the greatest arts communities.

West Haven, CT

West Haven City is a peaceful city for most of its part, it is the youngest city in the state today, although it has been acknowledged as one of Connecticut’s oldest settlements. One of the most popular attractions that West Haven can offer its residents and tourists is the Savin Rock Amusement Park.